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"If This Cross Could Talk"

$75.00 $185.00

   Many of the pieces in this very special necklace are quite old. The cross comes to us from Jerusalem and dates back to Jesus' time; over 2000 years old. Jesus' figure is engraved onto the front of the iron cross. The beads are old clay beads which were the first to be introduced into the craft of jewelry making and are quite old. Exactly how old, sorry, not sure.....Red and white pearls are added for color and interest and a lovely strand of aquamarine beads are hung down the middle for even more intrigue. When wearing, it can feel like a classic museum piece of jewelry, a spiritual piece for sure, or possibly just a fun casual piece to run around in!

    It is a few inches below the neck line and closes with a toggle in the back. 

    If any questions about this wonderful piece, please feel free to contact me!

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